Asterisk ID

A private, secure Login with Facebook alternative

Fifty-eight percent of American adults have a Facebook account, but 90 percent have mobile phones. Asterisk ID is a simple, secure Login with Facebook alternative for apps – making it easier for *everyone* to securely sign up for services, complete forms and enter contests from any mobile phone or SMS/iMessage-enabled mobile device. Asterisk ID also helps developers protect their promotions and contests from voting and entry fraud by tying participation to individual devices.

What is Asterisk ID?

Asterisk ID is a login service that requires only a mobile device – no usernames or passwords to remember. It’s ideal for wherever you need an easy-to-integrate authentication option for apps, contests and promotions.

How Asterisk ID works

Register to use Asterisk ID, then add a small snippet of code on the page where users will log in. When a login button is clicked, the user will be prompted to log in with their mobile device and when completed, a unique ID tied to that phone number is returned to your page. Asterisk ID is OpenID Connect compliant (just like Login with Google), so it’s secure and logins can be easily verified.

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